Payment Options

We are an out of network therapist and our program is self-pay. We do not accept insurance or assist with insurance reimbursement efforts. Secure credit card transactions only. But, we can provide a super-bill to  present to insurance providers. Also offer a sliding fee scale with required documentation. We accept adults over the age of 18.

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Meditation Instruction ( $60-$100/hr)

Due to the growing positive effects of meditation, different forms of meditation have become more available in both substance use disorders and general wellness forms of therapy. The overall goal of meditation is to synchronize the mind and body for improved mental well-being and an enhanced quality of life.

With scientific and socio-economic evidence based on years of research, meditation has proven benefits. For substance use disorders and behavioral issues, meditations can combat symptoms of withdrawal, triggers, and cravings. 

The benefits of meditation are varied. They include:

  • Reduced depression and anxiety (including social anxiety)
  • Significantly reduced stress
  • Increased concentration
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced PTSD and ADHD symptoms
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved attention
  • Reduced brain activity
  • Emotional stability
  • Increased focus
  • Increased academic performance
  • Decreased insomnia
  • Reduced Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS)
  • Increased strength
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced risk of relapse